Pharrell’s ‘mind antenna’

Pharrell Williams has spoken about how he dispenses with creative blocks while writing music.

Pharrell Williams believes “the human mind is literally an antenna”.

The Grammy-winning Happy hitmaker, who receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday, has an illustrious standing in the music industry.

And the humble star credits a large amount of his success with an ability to break through creative blocks effectively.

“The human mind is literally an antenna, it picks up waves and transmissions from the ultimate source, from the ether,” he explained in an interview with Variety.

“Being blocked just means that you’re aiming for the same thing as before, but your mind is saying to you, ‘there’s no more here. I know you think we can dig deeper with this particular topic or subject, but we’re not going to.’ So you need to go out and hit the reset button, and come back and look at it differently. Maybe the vantage point with which you were looking at the song or the track was just so acute that it didn’t allow you to see inside the room.”

Pharrell thinks it’s essential he go with the flow while writing tracks.

The 41-year-old cautions musicians against rejecting intuition in favour of embracing generic sounds.

“When people think categorically, their work becomes categorical,” Pharrell said.

“First you go about finding that one spark of inspiration, that one thing. While you chase through the highways of the melody, the music comes to you. Eventually the feeling of the melody tells you there’s an important connotation here. Those connotations could be happy or sad, or emotional, or betrayed, sexy, whatever it is, it tells you what you’re gonna need. It directs you to start building until it’s done.”
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Thursday, 04. December 2014