Mary J. Blige declares love for J.Lo

Mary J. Blige holds Jennifer Lopez in high esteem, praising her for her sexiness and brilliant business mind.

Mary J. Blige has a girl crush on Jennifer Lopez.

The two singing stars dominate the charts with their music; Mary with her R&B sound and Jennifer with her catchy pop tracks.

When asked which other music star has it going on, there was only one woman for Mary.

“I have to look at Jennifer Lopez. She’s a powerful businesswoman, a sweet lady, a sex symbol. No one’s telling her she’s too old, because she has confidence,” Mary gushed to Details magazine.

Mary’s praise for fellow musicians didn’t stop there though. The 43-year-old recently released her 13th studio album, The London Sessions, which was recorded in the British capital.

There were many influences behind the record, with Mary explaining how important London has always been when it comes to the music scene.

“I appreciate that they’ve always loved soul music. You could start with Elton John being the first white Englishman on Soul Train. And George Michael – before I saw his face on Careless Whisper, I thought he was a black man. Seriously!” Mary laughed.

“The same thing with Sam Smith – when I first met him, I was expecting to see this big, fat black man, ’cause he has this giant voice. My mother loves him, my family – these are older women. He has that thing that transcends all the generations. He has it."

Sam features on the new album, along with artists such as Naughty Boy and Disclosure.

Mary has been forthcoming with her praise for 22-year-old Sam, even comparing him to singing legends of the past.

“He’s doing what, you know, Frank Sinatras and Sam Cookes and Otis Reddings and all the people… the great singers and soul singers from the past. He’s doing songs, he’s singing ballads. Men haven’t done that in a while and he’s doing it and he’s doing it well. And he’s amazing and his voice is just a gift,” she previously said.
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Thursday, 04. December 2014