Robbie Williams: Clooney envies me!

Robbie Williams is pleased he can sing better than George Clooney.

Robbie Williams wants to make George Clooney jealous.

The British singer has something in common with the Hollywood actor – they both appear in coffee commercials. While George is known for promoting Nespresso, Robbie’s advert for Café Royal was recently revealed, in which he portrays a James Bond-like character.

“I woke up today, looked at myself in the mirror, and said, ’It’s time to make George Clooney jealous,’” the 40-year-old joked to German newspaper Bild.

“I’m Stoke’s [Robbie’s hometown in England] answer to George! But enough about George, it’s all about me today, Robbie Williams, in the honour of good taste.

“So, f**k you, George! Anyway: he can’t even sing.”

The outspoken star has raised a few eyebrows recently. His wife Ayda Field gave birth to their second child, a baby boy called Charlton, in October and they already have two-year-old daughter Theodora. During the birth of his son, Robbie documented his wife’s labour with a series of videos on the internet.

In the clips, he was seen messing about and singing his own songs, while Ayda appeared to be in pain.

And while Robbie has gone straight back to work, he does dream of spending some quality time with his loved ones.

“A whole day with my family,” he smiled when asked what his dream day would be. “My daughter Teddy is the cutest thing in the whole world.”

Robbie recently announced surprise album Under the Radar Volume 1, which he is currently promoting.
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Tuesday, 02. December 2014