Linkin Park: We stand united

Linkin Park have each other's backs and always stand together in times of trouble.

Linkin Park aren’t willing to throw their success away.

The American rock band have been a regular fixture on the music scene ever since they exploded into the charts with debut album Hybrid Theory in 2000.

The band, made up of Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda, have had their fair share of problems over the years, but Mike reveals it’s genuine friendship that helps get them through.

“When Chester had some [drug] problems, everybody jumped up to help him and tell him how supportive we wanted to be and how much it means to us that he was doing something positive,” Mike shared with British newspaper Metro.

“We’re lucky to have a band full of guys who have their head screwed on straight – a lot of life experience goes into that, but we just support each other; we have each other’s back. At the end of the day we love what we do. We’re not willing to throw that away on anything.”

Linkin Park released their sixth studio album, The Hunting Party, earlier this year, with critics praising the band for returning to their original sound.

While musical success is nothing new, Mike admits fame isn’t something any of the group are interested in.

“The band got so big so fast it was obvious to us when people were trying to take advantage. We knew we couldn’t trust some of these people but we could trust each other,” he explained.
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Monday, 01. December 2014