Top 12 moments from Geordie Shore episode 5


So we just watched the latest episode of Geordie Shore (watch it here!) and Charlotte and Gaz are officially dating now?! And so is Holly & Kyle???? We can’t believe our eyes! But it’s not all lubbydubby, Aaron and Scott are fighting and it gets pretty nasty… Watch the 12 top moments you don’t want to miss, or have to see again, from Geordie Shore episode 5 here & now!

Monday, 01. December 2014

  • 1# Scott And Aaron's World War Threesome

  • #2 Aaron And Scotty-T: Round Two!

  • #3 Mortal Trail Of Destruction

  • #4 Taxi Orgy

  • #5 Gaz And Charlotte Bang

  • #6 Morning After Guilt

  • #7 WHAT? Charlotte And Gaz date?

  • #8 Char, Gaz, Holly And Kyle Go On Dates

  • #9 Char And Holly's Big Sexy Secret

  • #10 Kyle's Big Reveal

  • #11 Angry Aaron's Revenge Return

  • #12 Aaron And Scott Get Their Rage On

  • Confession Cam pt1

  • Confession Cam pt2