Guetta: Minaj drove me crazy!

Nicki Minaj drove David Guetta “a little crazy” when they worked together for the second time.

Nicki Minaj is “such a perfectionist”, according to producer David Guetta.

The pair have joined forces for a second time on new track Hey Mama, on his album Listen.

And while David said Nicki’s dedication to her work is admirable, he also admits it can prove a little grating.

“Nicki, she’s such a perfectionist it’s incredible. Like she really, she drove me a little crazy," David told

David and Nicki first collaborated on Turn Me On back in 2011.

And while Nicki’s perfectionist tendencies may make the recording process longer than usual, David admits the end result is always proof that her methods work.

“At the end the result is incredible because like she would really call me with little details but at the end if you add this detail plus this one plus this one, it does change the record,” David added. “And I think this record is going to be very, very big.”

David’s new record also sees him work with a host of other talents, including Sia and Sam Martin.

And he reveals in the interview that he is always up for teaming up with the hottest musical stars.

“I’m always open to anyone that is talented,” David said. “And you know it’s the same situation now with Dangerous and Sam Martin you know that happened to me with Sia at the time with Titanium.”

“It’s like, okay, I have all those stars on the album but I really feel like Dangerous is special and I want the music to speak for itself. So I don’t want necessarily to try to work on the record that is with the biggest artist – I just want to recognise to me the game changer, you know.”
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Friday, 28. November 2014