AC/DC: Phil’s in trouble

AC/DC band members have admitted their drummer Phil Rudd is “not the same” since being charged with threatening to kill.

AC/DC band members say their drummer Phil Rudd is “not the guy they knew”.

The Australian musician was arrested for attempting to arrange a murder on November 6, although the charge was later dropped and replaced with threatening to kill and possession of drugs. Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Stevie Young are the current members of the hit rock band, and they feel “sad” about what’s going on with their friend.

“He has got himself into some sort of situation and he’s got to get himself out of it,” Cliff told British newspaper The Sun. “He didn’t show up for the video we were filming (for Rock or Bust and Play Ball) so our friend Bob Richards stood in. But we want to move forward. Phil needs to get himself right. It is going to take time.”

According to Angus, they’ve not seen the 60-year-old since police arrested him at his home in New Zealand. He does, however, feel their bandmate has changed.

“We’ve not seen him since, but he is not the guy we knew. That much I know,” he said. “Even physically he didn’t look good — which is sad but, as Cliff said, it would make it difficult going forward and that is even before what he has got himself into. It’s been a blow.”

With that said, the hitmakers are moving on and continuing to make music and perform concerts. And they certainly have not forgotten Phil’s talents, adding that in spite of everything, he has served them well.

“He played on the album and did it really well,” Angus explained. “He is a very talented drummer and has done a heck of a lot with us. It would be hard to see him now with this.”
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Friday, 28. November 2014