12 celebrities that have traveled in time

  • Did Leonardo DiCaprio not always been a little feminine? Maybe even have been Judy Zipper back in the 60s?

  • Johnny Depp maybe traveled back and became Thomas Tallis, an English musician in the 1500s

  • Nicolas Cage may have been in need of a little privacy, traveled back in time and become this unknown man 1870

  • Rupert Grint would like to be more creative, so why not take a time machine and become the Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie from the 1800s

  • Justin Timberlake has a dark side? Maybe he traveled back in time to be a criminal

  • Brad pitt - SO much depth! Might he also be psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach from about 1910?

  • Conan O'Brien ... Or Marshall Harvey Twitchell, one Union Army soldier?

  • Jay Z has always been a true New Yorker, so when he was back in time, he chose as being this unknown man from Harlem

  • When Bruce Willis rehearsed the role Die Hard, maybe he made a quick trip to the past to be the five-star American general Douglas MacArthur

  • Jimmy Fallon - alway full of himself, so it makes sense that he is also the Marxist revolutionary leader Mahir Cayan

  • What do you think ... Is Ellen DeGeneres actually also Henry David Thoreau?

  • Okay, we did not see this coming ... Chuck Norris as the legendary painter Vincent van Gogh - BOOOM!

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