Snooki: Motherhood changes Thanksgiving

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi has revealed how her Thanksgiving has altered since having a family.

Snooki has opened up about how having children has changed her Thanksgiving.

The reality star, real name Nicole Polizzi, gave birth to daughter Giovanna eight weeks ago and she is also mother to two-year-old son Lorenzo with fiancé Jionni LaValle.

But before Snooki became a mother, she was well known for her partying, with her antics documented on former MTV show Jersey Shore.

Now that she has two little ones to look after, staying sober for both Thanksgiving eve and the big day itself is more important than anything else.

“Thanksgiving eve is the biggest party night of the year,” Snooki wrote in a new blog post. “Trust me I know because I used to go out and party my a** off! I did that from when I was eighteen to twenty-three and every thanksgiving I would be hungover so when my family would come over, I would just hang out in my room because I thought I was going to throw up on everybody. And then I tried to eat all my favorites like mashed potatoes and stuffing and I couldn’t eat it because I was so hungover.”

After welcoming little Lorenzo into the world, Snooki obtained a new perspective on celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.

“So once I started to not go out the night before thanksgiving and actually enjoying my thanksgiving, it was awesome because I got to eat everything and had such a good time,” Snooki added.

However, she insisted the holiday should be celebrated recklessly by those with lesser responsibilities.

“If you’re young go out and have fun thanksgiving eve because it’s awesome,” Snooki concluded. “Just don’t get mad if you’re hungover the next day. I hope you have a good thanksgiving!!!”
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Wednesday, 26. November 2014