Kiesza forming ginger super-group with Sheeran

Kiesza and Ed Sheeran want to start a redheaded super-group.

Kiesza has promised Ed Sheeran a harp made out of her hair.

The 25-year-old singer broke onto the international music scene earlier this year with her single Hideaway, and her second album, Sound of a Woman, took the charts by storm following its release last month. She now counts many A-list stars as acquaintances, such as British singer-songwriter Ed, and the pair ended up forming a special bond.

“Actually we were at a festival; I think it was V… I can’t even remember, but there were so many festivals, and we just met and he was like, ‘Hey, what’s up? We both have red hair, we should start a red hair super-group! That would be so cool!’” Kiesza recalled to BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw. “And then he was like, telling me how I should shave my hair and turn it into a harp and play the harp with my hair. It was a very strange conversation.”

During a game of Call or Delete, in which celebrities either have to remove a number from their phone or make a prank call, Nick suggested Kiesza remind Ed of his suggestion. But when he didn’t pick up, the Canadian beauty was resigned to leaving a humorous voicemail detailing a pretend event.

“Hey, er, Ed, this is Kiesza calling. I remember we had that great conversation about you telling me I should shave my hair and make a harp out of it and um, I just wanted to let you know that I did make the harp and the harp is ready and it will be delivered to your door at 4pm today,” she explained after the beep. “Just make sure that you’re there to pick it up because they need you to actually sign it, it won’t accept any other signature, so just make sure you’re at the door at 4pm to pick up the harp and yeah… All should be good! Have a great day, thanks for the great idea! Alright, have a good day Ed.”

Christmas may be just around the corner but there’s no rest for Kiesza yet. She has numerous festive gigs in the pipeline, such as Q102’s Jingle Ball in Philadelphia on December 10, and is trying to maintain her voice to put on good performances.
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Wednesday, 26. November 2014