Jessie J: Khloé's so hot

Jessie J admires Khloé Kardashian for being "so hot".

Jessie J has thanked Khloé Kardashian for dancing with her at the American Music Awards.

The British singer took to the stage in Los Angeles on Sunday night to perform hit Bang Bang alongside Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. At one point she headed into the star-studded audience to get fellow celebrities to join in.

A favourite moment was when reality TV star Khloé shook her famous curves while Jessie belted out her hit. Taking to Instagram, she posted a snap of the moment and thanked the 30-year-old beauty for embracing the opportunity.

“My fav @khloekardashian so hot! Looking [hot] thank you so much for dancing with me! “She gotta body like an hour glass” damn right!! #americanmusicawards (sic)," Jessie captioned the picture.

The 26-year-old star also looked amazing in a gold catsuit on the night.

She’s currently promoting her latest album Sweet Talker, which was released in October. She’s made no secret of wanting it to be a hit in the US and is possibly hoping making so many new friends across the pond will help.

“I’m not abandoning anyone,” she assured her UK fans recently. “I’m a 26-year-old woman and if I want to live in LA I can.

“I’m British-born and bred. Whether I live in LA, Paris or Taiwan, it’s my choice.

“I love my fans in the UK I just feel like they’ve had me for a long time.

“Any change is hard for them to get used to but they’re gonna have to get used to it a little bit, because the US is calling me.”
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Tuesday, 25. November 2014