Gavin Rossdale: My boys are great brothers

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's oldest sons don't feel any jealousy over their eight-month-old brother.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s oldest sons are too busy protecting their baby brother to be jealous of him.

The couple are parents to three boys: Kingston, eight, Zuma, six, and eight-month-old Apollo. Sometimes a new sibling entering the world can be difficult for children, but Apollo’s brothers couldn’t be more excited to have him to play with.

“Apollo is so small that the older brothers love to protect him,” Gavin told People. “They were very happy when he was born. They just love him. There is no jealousy because they really care about him.”

Things are not quite so easy for Gavin though, as his job is taking him away from his family. He is due to start a world tour in February, which will mean extended periods away from Gwen and their children. He’s been playing other shows recently too and is starting to feel the grind.

“I start in America, then see my kids before I head for the European leg,” he explained. “After that, I will see them again before I go to South America, then another time before I go to Australia. I make time for them, but it feels like I will be touring for the rest of my life!”

Things have been really busy for Gwen too, as she’s working on a solo record as well as a No Doubt album, plus she’s been a mentor on the US version of The Voice. It means the family want to take some time to relax over the Christmas period, so they are staying in Los Angeles rather than heading to Gavin’s native UK.

“Santa will bring us a lot of sun block,” he joked. “We can’t wait!”
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Monday, 24. November 2014