Big kid James McAvoy

James McAvoy thinks it's amazing how people show different "versions" of themselves depending on who they are with.

James McAcvoy reverts to being a child when he’s around his grandparents.

The 35-year-old was raised by his elderly relatives after his mum and dad divorced and his mother suffered poor health.

He might now be a father to his four-year-old son Brendan with wife Anne-Marie Duff, but sometimes he can’t hold back his inner kid.

“I have many sides!” he laughed to the German edition of Cosmopolitan. "Sometimes I’m just daddy and then other times I’m just a teenager. I grew up with my grandparents. Whenever I visit them, I become a child again. Even now, at 35.

“My wife always says, ’You’re doing it again! You’re acting like a teenager!’ That’s when I realise and have to laugh at myself. It’s amazing how, depending on who you’re with, you show a completely different version of yourself.”

Luckily, the actor normally manages to keep himself in check and has previously gushed about how much more careful and responsible Brendan has made him. And, further proving his credentials as a family man, James is a dab hand in the kitchen.

“Yes, I love cooking,” he smiled. "Before I started studying acting, I even worked in a bakery. Whenever I’m in New York, I’ll head straight to my favourite cafe, Babycakes, in the Lowe Eastside, and get a doughnut.

“Baking isn’t my thing though – my wife does it. But I do cook. Preferably a stew.”
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Sunday, 23. November 2014