Amy Poehler: Prince is an angel

Amy Poehler struggled to make small talk with Prince.

Amy Poehler thinks Prince is “magical”.

The 43-year-old appeared on hit TV show Saturday Night Live for seven years, taking part in its various funny sketches and helping present. The iconic musician once appeared on the programme and Amy bumped into him backstage after a rehearsal, awkwardly asking him how his summer was.

“Prince is a magical being. It’s really hard to make small talk with him,” she smiled to British magazine Marie Claire. “I was standing next to my friend Amy, who was crying. She’s a huge Prince fan. When Prince comes towards you it’s really wild. He seemed like a beautiful angel.”

Often joining the blonde star is her comedy partner in crime Tina Fey, who she will be hosting the Golden Globes with next year for the third and final time. Amy remembers how they met like it was yesterday and has nothing but respect for her close pal.

“It was a bit of an arranged marriage. We were both doing improv in Chicago and our teacher said we should be on the same team. I remember being instantly a fan,” she recalled. “It was the small moments, walking to class, f**king around, eating at every diner in town; bush-eyebrowed and eating grilled cheese. Really preparing for Hollywood!”

Years on both women have reached A-list success, with Amy starring in popular programme Parks and Recreation. She’s also released her book Yes Please, revealing there’s a reason why she chose to pen the memoir when she did.

“I read a lot of books from a young person’s perspective. Like, ‘This is what the world means to me and this is what I want to do in the world,’” she explained. “And I read a lot of books about a person looking back on their life. But there aren’t as many stories from people in the big, thick soup of it.”
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Sunday, 23. November 2014