Miley Cyrus life in 22 GIFs

  • 1. Born in 1992 in Nashville with the legendary country singer Billy Ray Cyrus as her daddy

  • 2. Her real name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus

  • With Dolly Parton as her Godmother she was meant for great things in life!

  • In 2006 she rose to be a teen idol in the Disney Series Hannah Montana

  • After a while she got tired of her “good girl” look

  • Just like this girl (Christina Agulera)

  • Or this girl (Britney)

  • And actually also this girl! (Rihanna)

  • Let’s just say it’s not the first time in history

  • So she decided to get a haircut to toughen up her image

  • Then she started partying with stuffed animals – she couldn’t stop

  • But one of her big hobbies became: Twerking! The first time she showed off her skills, it looked like this

  • And people went

  • Some were more like

  • But then again maybe people just felt she came in like Wrecking Ball

  • Which also became the Christmas Ornament of the year!

  • But it’s not like some stars haven’t done worse!

  • Was it even Twerking? Some say twerking is more like…

  • WOW!

  • But we love her just as she is – wild and crazy!

  • Even if she keeps licking her lips (they must be really dry!)

  • Congratulations on your 22nd birthday Miley <3 <3

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    Sunday, 23. November 2014