Movember Monday: Guess the ‘stache

  • Grab a paper & pen and then let the quiz begin!

  • NO. 1 | Is this... A: Matthew McConaughey B: Jason Sudeikis. C: Chris Martin

  • NO. 2 | Is this... A: Austin Mahone B: Justin Bieber. C: Liam Payne

  • NO. 3 | Is this... A: Zach Galifianakis B: Jon Hamm C: Nick Offerman

  • NO. 4 | Is this... A: Chris Pratt B: Tom Hardy C: Seth Rogan

  • NO. 5 | Is this... A: Michael Cera B: Jonah Hill C: Channing Tatum

  • NO. 6 | Is this... A: Ludacris B: Snoop Lion C: LeBron James

  • NO. 7 | Is this... A: Johnny Depp B: James Franco C: Zac Efron

  • NO. 8 | Is this... A: Brad Pitt B: Orlando Bloom C: Kit Harington

  • NO. 9 | Is this... A: Katt Williams B: Will Smith C: Kanye West

  • NO. 10 | Is this... A: Liam Hemsworth B: Charlie Hunnam C: Chris Hemsworth

  • NO. 11 | Is this... A: Charlie Day B: Justin Timberlake C: Aaron Paul

  • Nr. 12 | Is dit... A: David Beckham B: Leonardo Dicaprio C: Joaquin Phoenix

  • Nr. 13 | Is dit... A: Ben Affleck B: Kevin Smith C: Jack Black

  • Number 1 is A: Matthew McConaughey!

  • Number 2 is B: Justin Bieber!

  • Number 3 is A: Zach Galifianakis!

  • Number 4 is C: Seth Rogan!

  • Number 5 is A: Michael Cera!

  • Number 6 is B: Snoop Lion!

  • Number 7 is B: James Franco!

  • Number 8 is A: Brad Pitt!

  • Number 9 is C: Kanye West!

  • Number 10 is B: Charlie Hunnam!

  • Number 11 is C: Aaron Paul!

  • Number 12 is B: Leonardo DiCaprio!

  • Number 13 is A: Ben Affleck!

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    It’s harder than you think!

    November means Movember, which is all about raising awareness about men’s health problems. Did you know that prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer, affecting 1 in 7 men? That’s a lot. Visit to learn more and get involved right now.

    MTV is supporting Movember and this Monday we’re taking a look at what signalizes Movember the most – the facial hair. Can you recognize the celebrity by only looking their ’stach? Take the test above!

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    Monday, 24. November 2014