Chris Hemsworth is Sexiest Man Alive

Chris Hemsworth has taken this year's Sexiest Man Alive crown.

Chris Hemsworth is People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2014.

The Thor actor was unveiled as the US publication’s top hunk during an appearance on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel! Live last night.

Chris joined the host via Skype, initially wearing a magazine cover mock-up to hide his face and having his voice disguised so people couldn’t guess who he was. Audience members then quizzed the star, before his identity was eventually revealed.

“Thank you, I’m most excited about the alive portion of that statement, and the sexy part is a bonus and I’m flattered,” Chris laughed after he was congratulated on the honour.

Jimmy was quick to ask what Chris’ The Hunger Games star brother Liam Hemsworth made of the accolade, with the star insisting his sibling had been nothing but supportive.

“Liam has been good. We’ve been throwing sexy looks back and forth kind of workshopping what could work so he’s been a real team player for this one,” he joked.

Jimmy was keen to hear what it felt like to be crowned the hottest man on the planet, especially how Chris felt about the men he was vying against. Matt Damon received the honour in 2007, and has an on-going tongue-in-cheek feud with Jimmy stemming from Matt renaming the talk show host’s series Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! last year. So Jimmy looking to rub salt into the star’s wounds over his sexy snub.

“I learned everything there is about being sexy from Matt – pursing the lips, squinting at the right time,” Chris said. “Thank you Matt and all the other previous intelligent men. Because this is based on an IQ test and not just physical appearance.”

At the end of the interview the hunk was asked to thank those who have helped him on the road to the prestigious award.

“My parents I guess, for putting his together,” he said.

In an interview with People, Chris admitted he can’t believe he’s won the title. His wife Elsa Pataky is also amused, and he plans to use the honour as much as possible.

“I think you’ve bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house. I can just say to her, ‘Now remember, this is what the people think, so I don’t need to do the dishes anymore, I don’t need to change nappies. I’m above that. I’ve made it now,’” he giggled.

Last year’s winner was Maroon 5 rocker Adam Levine.
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Wednesday, 19. November 2014