Mahone: I’m fine without a father

Austin Mahone feels like he has to provide for his family.

Austin Mahone “can’t imagine having a dad”.

The 18-year-old singer was brought up by his mom and grandparents after his father took his own life when he was a toddler. But while many people think it’s awkward for the star to talk about, Austin admits it’s all he’s ever known.

“People are like, ‘Is it weird that you don’t have a dad?’ No," he confessed to Teen Vogue. “That’s just how I grew up, and that’s what’s normal for me. I can’t imagine having a dad. I can’t be like, ‘Hey, Dad! Want to go play catch in the yard?’ That would be weird for me to say.”

As an only child, Austin has always been very close to his mother, Michelle. But his dad isn’t a dirty secret in his household, and the What About Love singer carries his picture on his phone.

“That’s him when he was ten or 11. I look exactly like him. It’s scary," he said before asking the interviewer, “Do you see the resemblance? It’s like we’re twins.”

Austin’s career is going from strength to strength, and it has enabled him to buy a new home in Miami. However his success wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of his family, and Michelle in particular, who gave up her job as a loan officer to help manage her son’s move into showbusiness.

“It is probably the coolest thing a parent could do—to have hope and faith in what I’m doing," he said. “I felt a lot of pressure on me and was like, OK, I definitely have to go hard now. I’ve gotta be the man of the house and make the money and provide for my family.”
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Wednesday, 19. November 2014