Kiesza: Music is tougher than Navy life

Kiesza thinks the uncertainty surrounding a career in the music industry is hard.

Kiesza thinks being a popstar is harder than being in the navy.

The musician joined the reserves of the Royal Canadian Navy with her brother when she was a teenager and later became a Naval Communicator.

Now life has taken her in a completely different direction, with the 25-year-old celebrating a number one spot in the UK charts with her hit Hideaway this year.

When asked which job is harder, Kiesza was quick to answer.

“A pop star. In the navy, the path is paved for you. Your job is to be a soldier and fit in. As long as you stick to your place, it’s actually really easy,” she assured Time Out London.

That’s not to say her time in the navy wasn’t gruelling. At one point she was even placed in a gas chamber with her colleagues to learn an important lesson.

“To make sure we knew why it was so important to fit a gas mask so quickly. They used low-level tear gas. It gives the sensation that your skin is melting off. Your ears run, your eyes feel like they’re being burned out with lasers,” she recalled.

The star added that in terms of physicality being a singer may be easier but that not knowing “where the path leads” is the tough part.

Now Kiesza has album Sound of a Woman out and she’s been performing all over the world. Ultimately, she thinks she made the right choice.

“Being put into war simulators made me realise, first of all, that I don’t want to shoot people,” she explained.

“Second of all, that I don’t want to get shot. If I’d kept going, I probably would have been sent to Afghanistan because of my shooting. Sometimes you’re just sent and you’re told what the mission is. I don’t like that: I need to know everything. You can’t just send me somewhere and tell me to shoot someone – I won’t do it. That’s why I’m a stubborn soldier.”
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Tuesday, 18. November 2014