Geldof: Band Aid 30 made me weep

Sir Bob Geldof has joked the female stars of Band Aid 30 have his phone number on speed dial.

Sir Bob Geldof broke down in tears when he first saw the new Band Aid 30 video.

The iconic musician and Midge Ure recruited a host of A-list singers to record the charity track Do They Know It’s Christmas? this year, with funds going towards fighting the Ebola crisis. Stars gathered at a London studio to offer their vocals on Saturday and the editing didn’t stop until around 4am yesterday morning.

The finished song and music video debuted on British show The X Factor last night and it was an overwhelming sight for the leader of the pack.

Rita Ora, One Direction, Chris Martin and Ellie Goulding are just some of the big names who contributed to the song.

“I didn’t hear the track until yesterday afternoon and it completely blew me away and then the video was finished one-and-a-half hours only before X Factor; I was nervous about that,” Bob explained to BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw. “But, you know, I don’t mind admitting when I saw it I was just in tears. I just thought they were amazing, these people.”

The original song was recorded in 1984 to help battle the famine in Ethiopia and included some of the biggest music stars of the time, such as Phil Collins and Sting. And it seems the new additions found it hard to get their heads around the revamped lyrics.

“Most of them had the 1984 one in their head, so they were staring at the words and they were singing the wrong lines and also loads of people making up their own versions as they went along!” Bob laughed.

“Rita Ora had to be in at 7[am]! Anybody singing at 7, like in the shower even, you can’t do it!”

Having been a prominent name in the industry for so long, Bob, 63, joked about the impact he had on the females involved.

“Clearly I’ve been a sex god for 40 years. Well, hello. So all the girls, obviously, are calling me all the time. Rita… they’ve got my number on fast dial,” he quipped.
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Monday, 17. November 2014