Evangeline: Peter Jackson thinks my book is brill

Evangeline Lilly has always wanted to be a writer and ran initial ideas for her children's book by Peter Jackson.

Evangeline Lilly doesn’t think anything compares to making Peter Jackson laugh.

The Canadian actress has worked closely with celebrated director Peter on The Hobbit movies, where she takes on the role of elf Tauriel.

She’s now branching out into the world of writing and when she ran initial ideas by Peter on the set of The Hobbit, she was blown away by his response.

“I’d show him a proof and I’d watch a smile creep across his face and every so often I’d get a chuckle. Believe me, there is nothing more rewarding than making Peter Jackson laugh,” Evangeline beamed to British newspaper Metro.

The Squickerwonkers is Evangeline’s debut novel, a story aimed at children about a travelling troupe of misfits.

Adding author to her résumé at the age of 35 may be exciting for the brunette beauty, but she’s carried the idea around with her for more than two decades.

“I wrote the story when I was 14 but for years I never thought it was worth publishing.

“[I] always felt a bit of an outsider in the acting world. It’s writing that’s always been my dream,” she added.

It was her aim from the start to spin the idea of a classic children’s novel on its head, explaining that good things don’t always happen to good people.

The idea stemmed from people-watching while out and about in California.

“I see kids and young adults walking the streets of LA with this enormous sense of entitlement, who seem to think that if they are basically good people and pay their bills then the world will be good to them. And I think life isn’t always like that,” she explained.
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Monday, 17. November 2014