Noomi Rapace: Gandolfini was the master

Noomi Rapace couldn't move when she watched James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy together.

Noomi Rapace got into trouble with her assistant for running off to watch James Gandolfini.

The 34-year-old stars in the late actor’s final film, crime drama The Drop, alongside Tom Hardy. Luckily she made the most of every moment with the legendary star, who passed away aged 51 last year after suffering a heart attack.

“One day I tiptoed on set where Tom and Jimmy were doing the last scene between them,” she recalled to Time Out London magazine.

“It was magic. I couldn’t move. My assistant was going, ‘Noomi, you have to go into make-up!’ But I didn’t care. It was a masterclass in acting.”

To get into character, Noomi helped out at a dog shelter. While she resisted taking a pup home, she says Tom did adopt a new pet.

They might not be kindred spirits when it comes to canines, but the stars do have a lot in common.

“I think that neither of us lets vanity dictate our choices,” she explained.

“On the first day of the next film, Child 44, Tom was walking around naked in front of 100 people. That’s f**king horrible, nobody wants to do that. But he needed to be in a place where it’s just his character, alone with his wife.”

Child 44 stars Noomi and Tom alongside Gary Oldman and focuses on a series of child murders set in Stalin-era Soviet Union.
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Sunday, 16. November 2014