Scherzinger's competitive streak

Nicole Scherzinger has become an expert on Formula One since dating Lewis Hamilton.

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton like trying “new extreme activities”.

The 36-year-old singer has been dating the Formula One ace on-and-off since 2007. As they both have such hectic careers finding time to be together can be hard, so they make sure every moment counts when they are with one another.

“It’s hard, but we manage. After all, we’ve been together for seven years. As for our interests before we met, Nicole never watched races; now she’s an expert,” Lewis told British magazine Hello!

“We love trying new extreme activities together – from skiing and rock climbing to bungee jumping. Nicole enjoys all this and is competitive, just like me. So this really helps our relationship.”

Nicole has been photographed at Lewis’ races on many occasions, but this year she hasn’t been able to be there in person as much. That’s because she has been working on her new album Big Fat Lie, which was released in October.

Even when she isn’t physically there, the former Pussycat Doll manages to show her beau he’s in her thoughts.

“Yes, Nicole is a very passionate person, just like me. When she watches my races, she sends me texts like, ‘Well done, keep going! Hey, you, get out of Lewis’ way! Only four seconds left! Hang in there!’ She is so emotional,” Lewis laughed. “This year she’s not been at any of my races. She’s touring a lot and we decided it was best for her to concentrate on her career.”
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Sunday, 16. November 2014