Kendall 'too famous for Kim'

Kendall Jenner reportedly doesn't feel like she needs Kim Kardashian's A-list draw anymore.

Kendall Jenner apparently thinks Kim Kardashian is old news.

The American star shot to fame on reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians which follows her and her family, including her older half sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé.

However in the last year she’s cemented her status as a runway model, walking for Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Chanel amongst other top name fashion houses.

“Now that Kendall’s a fully fledge, confident supermodel, she seems to be forgetting who was there for her on her way up, Kendall thinks she’s the star and Kim’s old new – there’s talk she’s become a bit of diva,” a source told British magazine Now.

Tensions are alleged to have arisen around Kendall’s recent 19th birthday party, which she celebrated with her family at LA’s Hotel Bel-Air without Kim.

Khloé let slip that Kim didn’t even know the bash was going on.

“Even six months ago, Kendall would have begged Kim and [husband] Kanye West to come to her birthday party so the paparazzi would, too. Now it’s like she’s sending a message to Kim that she’s the one people care about and she doesn’t need her,” the source added.

The insider further claims that Khloé and Kourtney aren’t doing anything to stop Kendall “freezing” Kim out.

“Kourtney hasn’t got on with Kim for years – they constantly fight over their fashion brand Dash – and Khloé also has a tricky relationship with her,” the insider said.

“[Kendall] has all these famous friends now. Paparazzi follow her everything, so she clearly feels she no longer needs Kim.”
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Sunday, 16. November 2014