Lorde: Kim K is epic

Lorde will put Kim Kardashian's nude Paper magazine shoot up on her wall.

Lorde wants Kim Kardashian to “adopt” her.

The reality TV star has had people talking all week, since her nude shots for Paper magazine were unveiled. One shows her curvaceous butt on display, while in another she goes full-frontal, sans clothing.

Lorde, 18, retweeted Kim’s link to the photos, simply adding the word “mom”. Some took the comment to mean she didn’t think the star, who is a mother to 16-month-old baby girl North, should appear in such risqué pictures.

“omg haha ok so. time to explain this. i retweeted kim’s amazing cover and wrote ‘MOM’, which among the youthz is a compliment; it basically jokingly means “adopt me/be my second mom/i think of you as a mother figure you are so epic” (obviously i love my own mama and she is the best tho) (sic),” she explained on her Tumblr blog.

The young singer added it’s “trash” to think women who’ve had babies shouldn’t be sexy. Overall, she doesn’t think reporters understand her “breed” of humour.

“if anything i think she gets even more beautiful and sexy all the time like a fineass wine, and of course has every right to showcase that (sic),” she added.

French photographer Jean-Paul Goude is behind Kim’s shoot and even recreated the famous snap he took of Carolina Beaumont, which saw her balance a champagne glass on her derriere. Lorde argues she is huge fans of the photographer and the supermodel and that she couldn’t support them without also backing Kim, 34.

“to summarize – kim’s cover was pure heaven. so so beautiful. i’m proud to say it’ll be on my wall. (sic),” she clarified.

Naya Rivera, 27, however did weigh in on the risqué shots, commenting on Kim’s Instagram: “I normally don’t. But… you’re someone’s mother… (sic)."

Today she took to her own page on the picture sharing website to post a snap of herself pulling a mock shocked face.

“#instagramgotmeintrouble (sic),” she simply wrote.
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Friday, 14. November 2014