Goulding: Dating Dougie comes with a price

Ellie Goulding has admitted it’s “difficult” dating fellow musician Dougie Poynter, because they’ve got so much in common creatively.

Ellie Goulding thinks it’s “difficult” to date a fellow musician.

The 27-year-old hitmaker revealed in March this year that she’s in a relationship with McFly singer Dougie Poynter. But although she enjoys being with another creative person, she admits it has its drawbacks.

“It’s difficult,” she told UK radio station Capital FM. "When you’re with someone who’s doing the same thing, it can actually cause problems.”

Ellie explained it’s the busy lifestyle of a successful musician that makes things stressful. In addition, the fact that their minds both work on a creative spectrum can produce issues.

“You end up never seeing each other really, you end up clashing,” the Burn songstress went on. “Obviously you’ve got a lot in common because music is your common thing, and to find someone that’s so passionate about music as you, is incredible, and that’s an amazing thing to find. At the same time, it comes with a price.”

She and Dougie have been going strong of late. Ellie was even recently spotted with a ring on her engagement finger, but her boyfriend made it clear they weren’t planning a wedding.

“No. It was just a ring that fit on that finger,” Dougie told gossip website Digital Spy this week.

Though the pair have been seen out and about together since as early as one year ago, it was only recently that Ellie confirmed the romance. In a chat with Alan Carr on his UK show Chatty Man, she spilled the beans.

“Err, he’s my man friend. Boyfriend traditionally. He’s a very lovely human being," she confessed.

Prior to Dougie, Ellie was romantically linked to Skrillex in 2012. Ed Sheeran also once said he briefly dated her.
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Thursday, 13. November 2014