Swift: It's important to trust

Taylor Swift no longer writes songs about "fantasy" relationships.

Taylor Swift made a conscious decision to trust people.

The 24-year-old might be one of the biggest stars on the planet, but she’s just like any other girl when it comes to her friendships. She counts fellow celebrities such as Lena Dunham, Lorde and Karlie Kloss among her closest pals and tries not to worry about people who want to use her for a taste of fame.

“As an artist you have the choice: you can either cut yourself off and trust no one, or open up to people – like me,” she explained to German magazine Jolie.

“I like trusting others and telling my friends everything. My life wouldn’t be fun without them. My priorities have definitely changed: my friends, my family and my music come first.”

The singer is known for writing lyrics about her exes and it’s thought her last album Red was inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal, while tracks on latest offering 1989 seem to refer to her brief fling with Harry Styles.

But gone are the soppy love songs, because Taylor has more important things on her mind right now.

“I used to put love and romance above anything else; they were my two goals in life,” she admitted. "On my second album there’s track Love Story. It was all about this fantasy relationship and the dream of living happily ever after with someone, just like a prince and princess.

“There are seven years between that song and my current album. The way you see love at 17 and 24 is very different. These days I write songs about how men prefer to be tortured in love!”

Taylor claims to have been single for a year and a half and that she’s had the best time of her life, thanks to being able to concentrate on work and friends.

And her close circle definitely came in handy recently, when musician Diplo made an insensitive comment on Twitter, claiming there should be a Kickstarter campaign to “get Taylor Swift a booty”. Luckily, Lorde was on hand to fire back.

“@diplo should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm (sic),” she retaliated in a tweet.
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Thursday, 13. November 2014