Lorde loses control of her brain

Lorde gets "better and better" as a performer the more shows she plays.

Lorde’s brain “shuts off” when she does silly things.

The 18-year-old singer only broke onto the music scene last year with her debut single Royals, but she has already won several big accolades, including two Grammys and a Billboard music award.

Despite now being an A-list star, Lorde remains down to earth; as she was reminded by BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw when he recalled her giving him a ‘wet willy’. This is when someone dampens their finger and pokes it into another person’s ear.

“OK, so, sometimes my brain kind of just shuts off and I think, ‘This would be fun to do, this thing.’ And I did it to you and I’m very sorry about that,” Lorde cringed. "We don’t know each other that well and I panicked and I was like, ’I’m gonna put his finger in his ear,’ and I just walked away. I’m so sorry!

“I’ve played that moment back so many times in my head and I apologise on behalf of my brain.”

Lorde recently completed a tour to promote The Love Club EP and her first studio album Pure Heroine, playing shows in North America and Australia. It was a long stint for the star but she enjoyed growing throughout the journey.

“It was amazing, it was so great. At the moment I find that every show I just get better and better as a performer and more confident, so it was pretty awesome,” she said.

Adding to her already successful career, the brunette musician has recorded several tracks for the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, including single Yellow Flicker Beat. She was lucky enough to visit the set of the film and meet stars including Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence. The 24-year-old Oscar winner was just as excited to meet Lorde.

“It really was funny; it was like both of us were very excited to be ‘round each other. We’d do, like, a small wave then turning around back to our crew and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, is she doing that to me?’” Lorde laughed.

“It’s weird. I never know whether people are just looking at me and thinking, ’Who’s this weird person?’ or they’re like, ‘Oh, I actually know who she is and I’m a fan of hers.’”
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Thursday, 13. November 2014