Snooki: I’m an a**hole to bridesmaids

Snooki has admitted she takes her bridezilla moments out on her 15 bridesmaids.

Snooki thinks she’s been an “a**hole” to her best friends.

The 26-year-old Jersey Shore star is in the midst of planning her wedding to fiancé Jionni LaValle, with whom she has two children. And she’s admitted she’s not immune to bridezilla syndrome, taking out these moments on her 15 bridesmaids.

“I do it to my girls, just like being an a**hole,” she told E! News. “I am more just having fun with it and trying not to be stressed out.”

Whilst Snooki is trying to keep her nerves together in the lead up to her big day, she’s lucky her bridesmaids know her very well. She’s known some of them since she was a toddler, so hopefully they’re accustomed to her antics.

“All my bridesmaids are my best friends that I grew up with since preschool, so everybody definitely gets along,” the brunette beauty continued. “We are all best friends and would die for each other so having 15 girls as your bridesmaids is a lot, but I mean, we all get along which is good.”

The wedding plans are taking place as Snooki also takes care of her brand new baby girl. She and Jionni welcomed their second child on September 26 – a daughter named Giovanna Marie. And apparently their new arrival is getting along famously with their son, two-year-old Lorenzo.

“He is in love with her and he definitely is not jealous yet,” she said of her firstborn. “He’s more just very protective of her and always making sure she is OK. In the morning, he always comes in my bed and says ‘good morning sissy’ and kisses her, so he is more in love with her right now.”

Giovanna is still only a month and a half old, and Snooki is enjoying watching her grow up. She revealed it’s not taking he daughter long to develop a mind of her own.

“She is starting to have a personality where she is a little flirt and flirting with her daddy, so that’s really cute,” Snooki told the publication.
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Wednesday, 12. November 2014