Niall pens track for Liam’s girl

Liam Payne thinks it’s ‘weird’ that he didn’t write the song about his girlfriend, Sophia.

Niall Horan has written a song about Liam Payne’s girlfriend.

The One Direction singer could be mistaken for taking the band’s song Steal My Girl too literally after penning the new track about Sophia Smith, who has been dating his band mate since late 2013. But the Irish heartthrob innocently added the words to the tune that the 21-year-old, had already come up with.

“There is a song about Sophia and I didn’t write it, which is a bit weird,” Liam said in a live stream with video director Ben Winston. “I wrote the melody for it. It’s called Illusion. Me and Julian, who we write songs with, were talking, we just went outside for a chat and I was telling him about what happened with me. After I left, he [Niall] went back and phoned me up like ‘Hi, we wrote the whole song about Sophia’, and I was like… ‘Okay, this is strange…’”

The track will feature on the band’s new album, Four, which is set for release next week.

Liam has known Sophia since childhood but they only became romantically involved at the end of last year following his breakup with dancer Danielle Peazer. The couple split for a short time earlier this year after the band’s Where We Are World Tour came between them but they reunited in May and the new track reaffirms their commitment to each other.

Liam hasn’t been the only one talking about the link between romance and lyrics recently. Band mate Harry Styles opened up about his feelings on ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift writing about their relationship in her music during their 1D Four Hangout chat with Ben. The curly haired singer dated the Shake It Off performer from late 2012 until early 2013.

“I think we always say, when we wrote the album that we write from personal experiences, so it would be hypocritical of us to be like “oh you can’t write a song…” he explained. “She’s really good so… They’re good songs. So I’m lucky in that sense.”
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Monday, 10. November 2014