Jamie Dornan: The Fall gives me nightmares

Jamie Dornan admits playing a serial killer for a TV show infested his dreams.

Jamie Dornan didn’t have pleasant dreams while playing a serial killer for a TV show.

The actor stars as Paul Spector in BBC series The Fall, which will soon be back for its second season. The role was extremely challenging and while Jamie enjoyed it in some ways, it didn’t help him sleep easy in the evening.

“Yeah, that did happen occasionally,” he replied, when British magazine Heat asked if it invaded his dreams. “They weren’t altogether pleasant dreams.”

Although his character isn’t a classic lead, he has become a firm favourite with female fans. Jamie doesn’t think this is anything new though, as he believes serial killers have always held some kind of allure.

“I’m not sure I entirely agree – I defy anyone to watch interviews with [US serial killer] Ted Bundy and not be taken in by him. He’s very handsome and charming, and extremely intelligent. I’m not saying that I think he’s sexy, but there’s definitely an allure there,” he said.

This isn’t Jamie’s only high-profile role at the moment; he’s also portraying Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation. He recently insisted he won’t be going full frontal for the raunchy movie, and now claims he still has no idea if it’s raised his profile, as he’s been so busy.

“I guess I’m just happy to be working. In fact, I haven’t had a break from work for a year, so I guess I haven’t been exposed to whatever that is as much as you’d think. You’re so protected when you’re working,” he said.
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Sunday, 09. November 2014