Gaga: Showbiz isn’t glam

Lady Gaga believes she’s glamorous - even if her job isn’t.

Lady Gaga insists show business “is not glamorous”.

The Born This Way singer is known for donning wild costumes, hair and make-up during her dramatic performances.

But in a Facebook post on Friday, the star admitted there’s little glitz when you peak behind the curtain.

“When they ask me, I tell them no. Show business is not glamorous,” she wrote.

The star noted, however, that feeling does not extend to herself, as she remarked cheekily: “But I am,” with a photo showing her wearing red lipstick.

Gaga is currently performing on stages around the world as she continues her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour.

The pop star is also looking forward to closing out the year with a New Year’s Eve performance in Las Vegas with jazz legend Tony Bennett.

The pair recently collaborated on new album Cheek to Cheek, and Gaga found the recording process to be a dream come true.

“The second we were in the studio together, it was so magical. We were bouncing improvisation off each other and we were laughing. I was keeping a whiskey under my stool because I was very nervous to be around him,” she gushed to E! News.

“And then, gradually, we became greater and greater friends. And I think because of that, our singing became more and more honest and more and more authentic.”

The singer has also credited Tony with reviving her love of performing and with altering the way she perceives herself.

“He’s the reason that I’m here today, that I’m still making music, that I’m still excited to make music,” she continued.

“Even singing with Tony now, going back on tour, it has completely changed the way I am on stage. It actually revived something in me that I haven’t felt in a few years. It’s a certain resilience, a certain confidence,” she said.
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Friday, 07. November 2014