Katy Perry: I'm real online

Katy Perry sometimes wonders whether she should read a book rather than spend so much time online.

Katy Perry hopes Twitter makes her seem “normal”.

The 30-year-old popstar is constantly posting on the social networking site and has amassed 59.5million followers. It might just seem like a hobby to pass the time, but tweeting has a more important meaning for the singer and her loyal KatyCats.

“If you want to say something or show people something, you can do it right in that moment,” she explained to German magazine Jolie.

“That makes me much more normal and accessible for my fans. I want to be a popstar you can really relate to. I love that!”

Katy’s The Prismatic World Tour picks up on its Oceania leg in Perth, Australia, tonight. Because of her busy schedule, Twitter is a great way to keep up with people.

“I spend about an hour a day on it. OK, maybe it’s more than that,” she grinned. “Why? Because I am always sitting around on cars or in planes or waiting in make-up, ready to go on for a show. Of course, I could read a book rather than going online. But it’s just such a great way for me to connect with my fans all over the world.”

While some celebrities have official accounts run by publicists, Katy’s is all her own work – and she thinks it’s pretty obvious.

“Can’t you tell? I thought all the typos would give me away…” she giggled.

Katy won’t have much time to tweet in the next few months – the Oceania leg of her tour ends in New Zealand on December 20 and picks up again for the Europe leg in February.
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Friday, 07. November 2014