Lily Allen: My little one loves the pub

Lily Allen's daughter thought it was "shocking" when the star asked when she would start drinking beer.

Lily Allen’s daughter recently asked if they could stop off at the pub after going food shopping.

The 29-year-old singer and her husband Sam Cooper are parents to two daughters, Ethel, who will be three later this month, and 21-month-old Marnie. Ethel enjoys spending time with Sam, so has picked up some surprising habits for someone so little.

“My daughter loves going to the pub, because it’s something she does with my husband and she associates it with him. We went to the supermarket the other day and on the way back she said, ‘Mummy, can we go to the pub?’ So I said, ‘Alright darling,’” Lily laughed to British magazine Marie Claire. “We got there and she said, ‘What are you having?’ I said, ‘What do you think mummy should have?’ And she said, ‘Beer.’ I said, ‘When are you going to start drinking beer, Ethel?’ She said, ’That’s shocking!’ She’s two and a half! It was very funny.”

Lily took some time off from the music business to get married and have her children. She released her third album Sheezus in May this year and has been playing shows all over the world. Many would be overwhelmed by such a full-on timetable, but the star has come up with ways to ensure it doesn’t get too much.

“I don’t look at my schedule, ever. I know vaguely what’s happening,” she explained. “As long as I know what time I have to get up tomorrow and where I have to be… actually, where I have to be doesn’t have to come into it. Sometimes, I turn up at the airport and say, ‘Where are we going today?’”

Since propelling herself back into the limelight, much has been made of the amount Lily goes out. While she admits enjoying a restaurant meal with her friends and family, the star insists she is no party animal anymore. She also gets irritated by the implication that she’s leaving her children at home so she can hit nightclubs.

“My kids are in bed by 6pm, and after that I don’t really want to watch [TV] – I’d rather go out for a nice dinner. I don’t really suffer from guilt – well, I wouldn’t if people didn’t try to push that on me,” she said.
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Thursday, 06. November 2014