1D: Reality TV gives us the jitters

One Direction can’t relax in front of reality TV.

One Direction feel nervous when they watch The X Factor.

The five-piece were formed in 2010 on the UK edition of the show and, despite only coming third, they have become a worldwide success.

Now they can enjoy the action in front of the TV – although it’s not always a relaxing experience for Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.

“It makes [us] nervous; too many memories,” they exclaimed on British TV show This Morning.

The boys have three tours behind them and their On the Road Again shows kick off in February. Despite being pros now, Harry still gets the jitters before hitting the stage, especially at the beginning of a tour.

One Direction will likely be singing hits from their new album Four when they get back on the road. Its name is down to it being the fourth record they have produced, but the lads joked it’s because they can’t count and didn’t realise there are five of them in the band.

“In hindsight, five could have worked better. The next one!” they laughed.

Four is a more personal record for the group, who have written many of the songs themselves. But working together isn’t always easy.

“We don’t really write together, together,” they explained.

“We did in the olden days but it does get a bit crowded with the old ideas.”

Liam added: “We draw from life situations. If we’re together, we’ll think, ‘How do you feel in those situations? How would you best describe it?’”

With their fame, it’s no wonder the boys’ love lives constantly face media scrutiny. Harry, 20, is known as the lothario of the group and has romanced Taylor Swift, among others.

Now the star has hinted he may be bisexual, after claiming during a recent interview that a partner’s gender is “not that important”. However, he previously told GQ he didn’t consider himself bi and was “pretty sure” he’s straight.
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Wednesday, 05. November 2014