Abigail Breslin astounded by sloths

Abigail Breslin wants to own a sloth called Edward.

Abigail Breslin feels an “overwhelming sense of joy” when she sees a sloth.

The Little Miss Sunshine actress may be just 18 years old but she’s already made Forbes’ list of Young Hollywood’s Top-Earning stars, landing eighth place by the time she was 11.

When she isn’t filming for the big screen Abigail has some odd interests, one of them being an obsession with the happy-looking creatures.

“My love for sloths is not really something that can be defined, and it cannot be discussed in a proper way because there’s no limit to the love of sloths that I have inside me. I will see a sloth in a picture and it’s just an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness,” she sighed to stylecaster.com. “I would like to own a sloth somewhere in Milan, and I would like to just never have to wear anything but really comfortable sweaters. I wouldn’t even need people around me, just my sloth named Edward.”

It isn’t just laidback animals she’s into. Abigail also enjoys catching up on TV during her spare time and her favourite show is Dance Moms, a reality programme set in Pittsburgh which follows the travels of a dance company made up of girls aged ten to 13.

“I love it so much, I get so addicted to every single episode, and have to sit there, think about what is actually happening, and I cry. One episode gave me so much anxiety that I actually threw up,” she confessed. "That is probably over-sharing, but it really gave me a lot of anxiety. The mom drama is probably my favourite part.”

The blonde star also loves to use social networking site Tumblr to blog about her feelings and boys.
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Sunday, 02. November 2014