Nick Jonas: Men don't shout at me now

Nick Jonas was hurt by comments made about him during his time in the Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas has a better “tone” with men now he’s not in the Jonas Brothers.

The 22-year-old star and his siblings Joe and Kevin rose to fame in the group but called it quits last October after eight years in the limelight. Nick has had little time to himself since then though, working on his solo career and returning to acting in TV programme Kingdom.

With a change of scene comes a different attitude towards him and the musician notices males are now less likely to hurl abuse his way.

“Being a Jonas hurt me in some ways but I put my head down and got to work on the show. It was a good first step in establishing who I am today,” he explained to British newspaper Metro.

“I’m not a Jonas Brother any more. It can happen to any young guy in the public eye. Guys can be jealous but things have changed. The tone with the guys is way better now.”

Nick mostly avoids talking about what triggered the group’s split, which took place just days before they were set to release their fifth album and begin a world tour. Going separate ways not only helped them as individuals but as a family too as there were “some arguments” about “different things”, causing tension.

“We have a good relationship now. Had we continued the way we were going it would have made that relationship more complicated,” Nick added.

Growing up in the spotlight was tough for the singer and he understands the problems fellow child stars go through. While he has managed to keep himself on the straight and narrow the same can’t be said for others in the same position.

“I feel for my peers and the pressure they’ve felt and the difficulty with the transition they’ve had. It can happen to anyone, it doesn’t have to be Disney stars, but that can be a bit contributing factor,” he noted. “It’s about the pressure you apply to yourself and how you let that affect you.”
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Friday, 31. October 2014