Charli XCX gifted Bieber doll

Charli XCX was cut from the dance routine in the video for Fancy, her collaboration with Iggy Azalea.

Charli XCX was given a Justin Bieber blow up doll by a fan.

The British singer has fast become one of the hottest names in music thanks to her hits such as Boom Clap and Break The Rules. Her chart success has been seen all around the world and Charli recently gigged in the US, with more tour dates lined up for later this year.

“It’s good. I just came back from there [America], I did a tour there. I met some crazy ass fans, they gave me some cool presents. They gave me a Justin Bieber blow up doll and lots of other fun stuff,” Charli laughed to BBC Radio 1’s host Nick Grimshaw.

“Being in America has been pretty weird, I’ve been like doing dance routines with Iggy Azalea – very random. But it’s been good.”

The two pop stars collaborated on smash hit single Fancy earlier this year, which peaked at number one in music charts around the globe.

The video is reminiscent of ‘90s film Clueless and shows off Iggy’s talent for dance in various routines. Unfortunately Charli, 22, isn’t as gifted when it comes to movement.

“Oh my God, I’m so rubbish, The first time I met Iggy was on the set of the video and she was like ‘So, we’ve got dance routine lined up, do you think you’re ready for it? And I was like, ‘No! 100 per cent,’ and she had to axe me from the scene because I was so bad,” Charli giggled. “So I just do my thing in the corridor and she’s been rehearsing for this dance. But she’s been wicked, I love her a lot. She’s so funny.”
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Friday, 31. October 2014