Ariana Grande: Family taught me to say no

Ariana Grande's family has to remind her she can't please everyone.

Ariana Grande tries too hard to keep everyone happy.

The 21-year-old singer is dominating the charts with hits such as Problem, Bang Bang and Break Free.

However, she’s also been dogged by rumours suggesting she’s succumbing to diva behaviour. But the star insists it’s quite the opposite and she actually has to take time to remember to put herself first.

“I would never let myself be pushed into anything!” she assured to German magazine Bravo.

“I’m quite sensitive and want to please everyone. My family, on the other hand, are pretty vocal – they don’t put up with things and have taught me to say no sometimes.

“If people in the industry want me to do something I don’t think is cool, I won’t do it! I only do things I’m behind 100 per cent. After all, this is my dream. I’ve fought for it and want to live it the way I imagined.”

Ariana has many strings to her bow and can act as well as sing. In fact, it was her part in Disney show Victorious that first brought her to people’s attentions.

And heading to theatre classes was just what she needed when she was going through a rough time at home as a young child.

“My parents were getting a divorce and I really suffered,” she revealed. “I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t like each other anymore. I was always in the middle when they were fighting.”

She says getting her first role aged eight really helped her through that period in her life. And then, at 14, she scored a Broadway role in musical 13.

“I was so happy! My mom and I moved straight to New York,” she grinned.
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Thursday, 30. October 2014