Cumberbatch: Fame makes you attractive

Benedict Cumberbatch can spot women who are only interested in his fame "a mile off".

Benedict Cumberbatch’s love life is a “double-edged sword”.

The British actor had a 12-year relationship with actress Olivia Poulet, who he met at university in 1999. He keeps his romantic life largely out of the press, but last month it was reported he is seeing theatre director Sophie Hunter. Without going into detail, Benedict explained how difficult dating has become for him.

“It’s a really double-edged sword,” he told British magazine Elle. “You know, you discover why people find you attractive – in a relationship or a tryst – and if it’s just to have a go on you or try you out, then I can smell that a mile off.”

The 38-year-old actor has won hordes of female fans thanks to his role as Sherlock in the TV show, but has also made it big in Hollywood by starring in flicks like War Horse, Star Trek Into Darkness and 12 Years a Slave.

Although his fame makes having a normal life hard, Benedict dreams of the things others do – namely settling down with the right person and having a family.

“I hope I’m looking back and going, ‘Oh, that was the moment I got on with life and realised things beyond myself.’ Without using words like ‘marriage’ ‘children’ and ‘family’ – although I have just used those words – put it this way: I hope I’ve got other people to look back with me at that point. I hope I’m surrounded by family,” he said.

In his latest movie The Imitation Game Benedict stars as Alan Turing, who was key in cracking Nazi Germany’s Enigma code. He was also homosexual and was prosecuted for his sexuality.

“It [genius] is a very rich canvas to work with as an actor. Turing is so different to Sherlock. There’s a real subtlety about him; his flourishes aren’t flamboyant, he doesn’t think of himself that highly,” he explained.
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Tuesday, 28. October 2014