Mitch Winehouse: There’s no shame in help

Amy Winehouse's father Mitch has recalled what he learned from her passing three years ago.

Mitch Winehouse is a “firm believer in counselling”.

The 63-year-old was a prominent figure alongside his late singing sensation daughter Amy and would often join her at events and shows. The star died in July 2011 of alcohol intoxication after years of excessively drinking and drug addiction.

Following her passing Mitch and his wife Janis set up The Amy Winehouse Foundation, a support group for families affected by addiction. Her dad struggled to come to terms with her death and isn’t shy to admit he sought professional help.

“The first three months after Amy died were dreadful and I was consumed with grief. I was used to seeing her two of three times a day. One moment I’d be in fits of laughter with friends, remembering Amy’s antics, then five minutes later I’d burst into tears,” he shared in an article for British magazine Closer. “I learnt that the worst thing you can do is suppress your emotions. I had bereavement therapy, which was very successful. I’m a firm believer in counselling; there’s no shame in seeking help.”

Three years on, Mitch is still overwhelmed by the public’s support. A statue was recently raised in the Camden district of London, UK, where Amy resided and it’s the kind actions of fans which have the biggest effect on Mitch.

“I’m still inundated with drawings and personal letters from people who were close to suicide but following Amy’s death they learnt life was too precious,” he added. “Losing Amy has made me treat each day as a precious gift and if you can help someone along the way… well, that’s even better.”
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Sunday, 26. October 2014