Taylor Swift: I’m scared of sea urchins

Taylor Swift has revealed that one of her biggest fears is being stung by a sea urchin.

Taylor Swift is “terrified” of sea urchins.

The 24-year-old singer writes songs about being “fearless” and is known for being one of the music industry’s biggest power hitters. However, her bravery ceases when it comes to the prickly sea creatures.

“If you knew what sea urchins were you would be terrified!” she assured the giggling studio audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Her strange fear was also met with surprise by the host, who jokingly tried to argue the creatures were harmless. But Taylor insisted on explaining the validity of her terror.

“They’re like a grenade,” declared the Shake It Off singer. “They’re sitting there waiting to completely injure you.”

Despite being met by more laughter, the blonde beauty maintained a serious expression as she tried to convey her point. She reminded Ellen about the danger of getting an urchin’s spine stuck in your skin after failing to spot it in time.

“You can’t see a sea urchin if you’re in the Caribbean,” Taylor complained. “You’re like, ‘This water is so beautiful and amazing,’ and then you step on one and it has barbs and it goes into whatever it touches, and then you have to go into the emergency room and get it surgically removed. You could lose your foot, you could lose your hand, you could lose your hand trying to get it off your foot.”

And that’s not all the songstress is afraid of. She also has a problem with the notion of being framed, and told Ellen she fears what would happen if she became the unwitting suspect in a crime and landed in jail.

“So many people would frame me," Taylor announced. "And they can frame you for any crime that you could go to jail for. Look at me, I wouldn’t survive in jail.”

Once her fears were addressed, the hitmaker took a moment to divulge The Voice coach Adam Levine’s soft spot. Taylor is a mentor on the current season and has noticed that musical theatre songs make the Maroon 5 frontman go weak.

“It’s to the point that if you sing songs from Rent you can actually render Adam Levine helpless on the floor," she shared.
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Thursday, 23. October 2014