Elle: How I embarrass Dakota

Elle Fanning wants to work with Brad Pitt again, as she's never shot scenes with him for their shared movies.

Elle Fanning used to embarrass older sister Dakota when they went grocery shopping.

The sibling stars have taken Hollywood by storm, and are two of the most bankable names in film right now.

They share a close bond now, but when they were younger, Elle’s fear of confined spaces would often leave Dakota red faced.

“I’m terrified of elevators. I got trapped in one when I was little and now I don’t like being trapped in general. In the grocery store, I would always run down the aisles and sing, and my sister would be so embarrassed. I have a fear of being suppressed,” Elle confessed to British newspaper Metro.

Elle’s had a mammoth 2014, with starring roles in Maleficent opposite Angelina Jolie, and laying down vocals for animated flick The Boxtrolls.

During her career, the 16-year-old actress has twice teamed up with Angelina’s husband Brad Pitt on screen, but has never actually filmed scenes with him. She’s hoping that will soon change.

“It’s funny because I did two movies with him but I never worked with him. In Babel, he played my dad and Cate Blanchett played my mom but I was in Mexico and they were in Morocco. And then for Benjamin Button I played Cate at a younger age and so didn’t work with her again. And though I did have scenes with Brad, it was the special effects stuff, so he wasn’t actually there. We need to do a movie where we’re actually in scenes together,” she smiled.
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Wednesday, 22. October 2014