Geordie Shore S9 is coming up!

Our lads & lasses are back November 2 - let the countdown begin!

Keemon everyone! Our fallen Angels of The North aren’t ready to give up their party lifestyles just yet, and this time we’ve got a brand new twist. Welcome Queen Vicky! She’s always ruled the roost, only this time it’s official. It’s her way or the high way, meaning the rest of the Geordies will be forced to hail or howay with themselves. Either way, we sense tension, tantrums and contempt aplenty! As for the on-going house politics, we’re yet to see if Marnie-geddon is well and truly over and if the not so sassy Holly and young bucker Kyle, will keep on rocking the shag pad. Queen Vicky on the other hand may decide she needs a right royal seeing too and finish what she started with Gaz, that’s if a newly single Charlotte’s parsnip addiction doesn’t rear its ugly head first…

Watch Geordie Shore Sundays at 22:00, starting November 2 on MTV!

Thursday, 23. October 2014

  • Coming up: Geordie Shore Season 9

  • Geordie Shore S9: Queen V Is In Charge

    Geordie Shore returns for its ninth season, and this time, Vicky's in charge.