LaBeouf: Brad Pitt’s like my husband

Shia LaBeouf has laughed about speculation he looks to Fury co-star Brad Pitt as a father figure.

Shia LaBeouf jokes his co-star Brad Pitt feels more like a “husband” than a father figure.

The pair are currently promoting their new World War II film Fury, which centres on a team of hardened Allies who are making a final, dangerous push into Nazi territory.

Shia and Brad got extremely close while filming the picture, but the Transformers star reveals the nature of their relationship is not what it seems on the surface.

“No, I never looked at him like a father figure. He’s like my husband,” Shia joked to Us Weekly magazine. “He’s daddy, I’m mommy.”

In a fresh cover feature with Interview magazine, the 28-year-old actor spoke about the impact his real father, Jeffrey LaBeouf, has had on his life.

Shia previously admitted his dad Jeffrey was a drug dealer and in the Interview Q&A, he confessed their relationship can still be a source of angst for him.

“I looked up to my dad. And he doesn’t have a Tom Cruise or a Tom Hanks kind of sensibility. He’s in the Mongols biker gang. He’s cut from a different kind of fabric, a different sensibility, a Vietnam veteran who came home disgruntled,” he explained to the publication.

“The only thing my father gave me that was of any value to me is pain. The only time my dad will ever talk to me is when I need him at work. We manipulate each other. We service each other. I use him when I go to work. It’s not a real conversation; it’s just an excuse to rev up. He’s the marionette puppeteer.”
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Tuesday, 21. October 2014