Sheeran: I'm a Hollywood outsider

Ed Sheeran didn't think his music would become so successful.

Ed Sheeran is often ignored at dinner parties.

The 23-year-old singer is a global phenomenon thanks to his albums + and x, which have won him several awards over the years.

Another perk of fame is having celebrity pals, such as former Friends star Courteney Cox. It was the actress’ laidback approach to stardom which Ed found appealing – especially as many of the people he encounters aren’t as welcoming.

“She’s from Alabama, so it’s bred into her, but everyone she surrounds herself with is the same. Jennifer Aniston’s just as friendly. I’d only ever experienced the darker side of Hollywood and they give you faith in everything,” he smiled to British newspaper The Daily Mail.

“Everyone in LA introduces themselves with their first name, last name, what they do, who they work for, how many awards they’ve won, how much they earn – but only if they know who you are.

“I’ve been ignored for a whole dinner party and then someone says, ‘Oh, this is Ed, he does this,’ and suddenly I’m being given all these cards.

“Whereas the first time I went to Courteney’s I brought my cousin Murray, who isn’t a superstar – well, he is in my eyes, but he’s not an actor or a musician. But everyone spoke to him and thought he was cool.”

It was Ed who introduced the star to her now-fiancé Johnny McDaid. He recalled a time Courteney visited a branch of British supermarket Tesco in her beau’s home country of Northern Ireland and thought it was a “farmer’s market”.

The redheaded star is also loved up with girlfriend Athina Andrelos, who is a culinary queen thanks to her job with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Ed has big plans for the future when it comes to his personal life, but is keen to wait until work slows down to act upon them.

“Of course I want kids. I actually thought my career would plateau quicker than this. I thought I’d have a career in England, and it’s quite simple to maintain that and home life. You tour for a month, then you make an album,” he explained.

“I thought, ‘I can have kids early, I can get married early.’ But now we’re touring in Asia and South America and selling out gigs in Poland and Manila. It’s going to be an amazing moment when I actually have a year to spend with someone.”
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Friday, 17. October 2014