Jessie J: Singing is my sole focus

Jessie J would rather focus on one thing at a time so it doesn't get "diluted".

Jessie J turned down superhero movie roles to concentrate on singing.

The British musician has made a name for herself with her unique voice and is busy promoting her new album Sweet Talker, which was released this week.

While many singers like to prove how talented they are by breaking into the film industry, Jessie prefers to give all her attention to one venture.

“I’ve been offered superheroes. I was also offered a part in the last Kick-Ass movie. There was a role written for me in the film," she admitted to British newspaper Daily Star.

“I went and met with them but I couldn’t do it. My schedule is ridiculous.

“I’ve been approached again about another film but I’m somebody who definitely likes to focus on one thing so it doesn’t get diluted."

The 26-year-old added it’s a “pet hate” of hers when an artist’s album suffers because they are juggling too many things at once. However, she wouldn’t completely dismiss following the path of fellow Brit singer Rita Ora, who has scored her first movie role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey.

“Maybe next year or the year after, if the right role comes along," she reasoned.

Jessie’s last record, Alive, was put out last year but had a disappointing response in comparison to her 2011 debut Who You Are. Now she’s determined to make Sweet Talker count, and has spent much of her time promoting her tracks in the US.

“I’m not abandoning anyone,” she assured her UK fans. “I’m a 26-year-old woman and if I want to live in LA I can.

“I’m British-born and bred. Whether I live in LA, Paris or Taiwan, it’s my choice.

“I love my fans in the UK I just feel like they’ve had me for a long time.

“Any change is hard for them to get used to but they’re gonna have to get used to it a little bit, because the US is calling me.”
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Friday, 17. October 2014