Gerard Butler defends Bradley Cooper selfie

Gerard Butler likes to get on his motorbike and take a ride as it makes him feel like he's in a different place.

Gerard Butler didn’t mind being mocked for his Wimbledon selfie with Bradley Cooper as he thought the day was so “cool”.

The Hollywood A-listers were spotted at the final of the British sporting event last year, wearing outfits in similar shades of blue.

While watching Andy Murray smash his way to victory, the pals also snapped themselves in the crowd as they enjoyed the tournament.

“We were saying, ‘How cool, we’re at the Wimbledon final!’” Gerard smiled to Evening Standard Magazine. “It was so exciting; we had to document the moment.”

Hailing from Scotland, Gerard is known for his rugged good looks and masculine frame. He’s not afraid to get in touch with his spiritual side though, and often takes trips abroad to reconnect with himself.

“I went to India and motorbiked through the Himalayas, camping on top of mountains.

“I wore sarongs and turbans — I looked like Lawrence of Arabia in sunglasses,” he added with a smile “I don’t know if [the sarong] works with my beard.”

He doesn’t have to travel to such far flung parts of the world to feel relaxed though. He owns a Harley-Davidson motorbike, and when the mood takes him, the 44-year-old will cruise along California’s Pacific Coast Highway and into the Santa Monica Mountains.

“You feel like you’re in Tuscany, lost in beautiful farmland. It’s like you move into another time,” he mused.

His love for the great outdoors means staying in shape isn’t hard for Gerard, and he often finds he needs to bulk up for movie roles, too.

He played the ripped lead in 300, where he showed off his toned torso, and recently had to flex his muscles once again for new movie Gods of Egypt.

Shooting took place in Sydney, Australia, alongside Geoffrey Rush and Rufus Sewell.

“I spent a lot of time with spears and 8ft hammers in my hand. Any time you’re holding a lethal weapon you have to look like you can do pretty much anything with it. People gave me weird looks, but they’d also be like, ‘Dude. That’s as cool as hell,’” he recalled.
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Friday, 17. October 2014