Pink’s daughter ‘cooler’ than her

Pink thinks her daughter is “way cooler” than her and the tot makes her see the world differently.

Pink thinks her daughter is “way cooler” than her.

The 35-year-old singer’s three-year-old child Willow Sage is a permanent reminder to touch base with humanity.

She gushed over how she and her husband Carey Hart’s little girl inspires her during an interview with ET Canada.

“That’s a really long-winded answer for, ‘She’s way cooler than I am,’” Pink laughed on the show, after spending a long time discussing her love her for her child.

The Just Give Me a Reason singer described motherhood as a breath of fresh air. It has reminded her to step back and see the world in a different way.

“It’s like starting over in a way – really healing and wondrous, and you’re reminded constantly how sarcastic and how presumptuous you can be, and how hardened life has made you,” she explained. “And how they take things so literally and beautifully that you have to watch how you see things, so that you don’t alter the way they see things, because that innocence is so worth protecting.”

Pink’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore. Although she has made a significant name for herself in the music industry over the years, she is feeling her youth anew.

“Seeing the world through a three-year-old little girl’s eyes is like being that age again,” the songstress revealed.

Spending time with her “magical” Willow seems to be one of Pink’s favourite things to do. But apparently when she taps back into the atrocities going on in the world, she wishes they could share her peacefulness.

“You go from spending an hour on the floor with this magical, pure little love… and you turn on the news and you look at what’s going on, and the separation between that is just so mindboggling,” the hitmaker expressed. “I wish the world could be more like her. Why are we teaching them? We don’t have it right. At all.”
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Friday, 17. October 2014