Scherzinger reflects on Big Fat Lie

Nicole Scherzinger discusses the upcoming release of her next album in a new interview.

Nicole Scherzinger’s new album was inspired by the “amazing” and annoying aspects of love.

The former Pussycat Doll is gearing up to release her new record Big Fat Lie.

And she reveals in a new interview much of her lyrics were written with her tumultuous romance with Lewis Hamilton in mind.

“It’s a personal album to me. I’d say it’s a reflection of how I’ve felt over the past couple of years. Sometimes love makes you feel amazing – it makes you feel like ‘I need you and you need me,’” she told UK newspaper The Mirror.

One of those songs is new track Electric Blue.

“At night all I think about is you, on that high, this is what you do/Rock with steady, sweet baby, come down like confetti/Look at what you do, electric blue,” she croons. “I need you, you need me/It’s amazing what we could be.”

She also noted another track was inspired by some of the less romantic moments that transpire between couples.

“But sometimes it’s like my song Run, when you have to run from your own fears and somebody that’s getting on your nerves,” she admitted.

Nicole called writing the album a “cathartic experience”. The star, 36, feels she’s poured herself into this record and is looking forward to sharing it.

“Sometimes you wonder what you’re doing it all for. Sometimes you feel so alone," she said. "But I’ve turned to music and I feel like it’s taught me a lot.”
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Thursday, 16. October 2014